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Meet Dr. KeriAnne Mauch Moon, LCSW

Board Approved Clinical Supervisor 

 "With an emphasis on respecting your personal history, I look forward to listening and growing through genuine attention to your journey through this life."

KeriAnne provides professional therapeutic services while upholding the utmost integrity and respect for those seeking help with their voyage through life.  She believes every person deserves to be heard, and every person deserves to own his or her personal history. Considering people are not kind to others when they are not kind to themselves, KeriAnne trusts all people have the capacity to practice loving-kindness toward self and others. She nurtures that capacity in clients in order to help them see their own instrinsic value and share that best self within and with others.

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Meet Sarah DeLuca, LCSW 


If you find yourself feeling "stuck," Sarah can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, then guide you in taking steps toward a more hopeful and healthy future.

Sarah specializes in providing professional counseling services for people suffering from anxiety, depression, or unresolved trauma(s). She particularly enjoys guiding children, adolescents and young adults as they transition through life's challenging stages and inevitable transitions. Sarah uses mindful psychotherapy to help individuals, couples and families achieve a more conscious and whole-hearted lifestyle.  Although this process can be challenging, Sarah's clients report it allows them to gain insight into their emotions and behaviors, which ultimately helps them make desired adjustments to live more fulfilling and happy lives.

Sarah's Experience and Focus includes:

  • Addressing attachment issues or trauma through targeted services to children and adolescents who are or have been in foster care or who have been adopted. 
  • Helping young people cope effectively with school-based stressors
  • Assisting individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression and/or bipolar disorder
  • Treating individuals who have been victims of abuse, neglect, and/or trauma
  • Working with clients who have Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Psychoeducation around the neuroscience behind adolescents: Helping teens and parents better understand the unique aspects of the "teen world" and assisting them in the development of skills to thrive among those challenges.

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Reduced Fee Providers:

Professionals offering reduced fee services are provisionally-licensed by the state of Texas while working toward a higher level of licensure. They practice professional counseling under the license and supervision of a board-approved supervisor, while gaining further supervised experience to meet board requirements for independent licensure. These professionals are able to provide flexible and affordable services to members of our community. They proudly serve the unique south Austin community and surrounding areas!


Meet Mary Stone, LPC-Intern

Supervised by Elizabeth O'Brian, LPC-Supervisor"

"I believe that your decision to pursue counseling is a testament to your strength and an investment in your overall well-being."       

Mary believes people function on a wellness spectrum -- that we all move from one point to another on this spectrum throughout our lives. Mary is a strength-based, person-centered counselor who offers a warm, gentle, and genuine space for you to explore ways to become happier, stronger and more connected.  She shares relevant information, education and insight about neurobiology, mindfulness, meditation, and health in her work with clients.  She believes in your ability to increase your resilience and hope and will assist you in developing the confidence that you can and will reach your wellness goals. 


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M. Caroline Sanchez, M.Ed., LPC-Intern

Supervised by Tammie D. Martin, LPC-Supervisor


Caroline knows that life can be hard and that life's hardships can be overwhelming, at times. She encourages clients to learn and use self-care practices which can increase resilience to life's difficulties. She knows that making a choice to begin counseling is difficult in and of itself, and Caroline honors individuals and families who find the courage to seek professional support. Let Caroline create a safe, confidential space for you, your child and/or your family -- she invites you to explore the transformative possibilities that can emerge through professional counseling.  

Caroline is a gifted therapist who has significant experience providing direct counseling services to children and their families. She is skilled in the use of play therapy with children age 4 and above. She values working collaboratively with others to support young people. She is available to provide professional support, psycho-education and consultation to parents, care-givers and teachers of her young clients.

In addition to her work with children and families, Caroline works with adolescents and young adults. She is honored to assist you as you begin or continue your own personal transformation.  

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