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Counseling for Men



Are you a male struggling with


  • Relationship Problems?
  • Work/Life Balance?
  • Anger Management?
  • Stress and Anxiety?



The inability to express fear, vulnerability, self-doubt and other common thoughts and feelings can result in serious physical and mental health consequences for today’s men. Many men choose to not speak to anyone about these challenges. Unfortunately, the unrealistic expectations placed on men by themselves and others can result in relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, physical, emotional, mental health challenges, and problems coping at work and home.

More than ever, today’s men are being expected to be physically and emotionally tough and ignore their feelings while being sensitive to their partners, children and families and skilled communicators.  Recent societal expectations tell men to bring home the bacon, cook it up, feed the family and clean it up, too.  Male role models are super athletes and superheroes – never backing down and always fearless. In relationships with family, friends, and intimate partners, men often struggle with a balance between superiority, affection and expressing themselves in positive ways.

Our youngest boys are reared to be tough, fast, and not to succumb to strong emotions, so it’s no wonder that men, from teens to great-great-grandfathers, never learn to break free from these societal expectations.

If you or a man you care about experiences difficulty in these or other areas, our therapists are trained and ready to help!  We work with men of all ages to identify the life they long for and the steps to create it. This can range from recognizing communication patterns that are no longer effective, navigating difficult relationship issues, building self-esteem, addressing health issues, dealing with PTSD, substance dependence/addiction, and discovering who they are and who they want to become.

If any of these challenges sound familiar, our professional counselors will work with you to manage difficult issues and promote problem solving in a safe, welcoming atmosphere. SACS has many effective, licensed counselors who can assist you with creating the life you want and deserve.

For more information about counseling can help you resolve your life challenges, please call or text our office today at 512.280.5315 or email [email protected].

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