Clinical Supervision

Are you looking for a clinical supervisor who is energetic, warm and experienced? Active, quality supervision is a critical component when one journeys from graduate school to a career as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Whether you aspire to work in an agency, school, hospital or treatment center, private practice or any of the expanded areas in which licensed professional counselors are needed, high-quality professional supervision is paramount to your success as you transition from learner to practitioner.  The information presented in textbooks during your studies offered a scholarly introduction to working in the the mental health industry. Critical to your foundational understanding of overall mental health and its treatment, the arduous work you performed in graduate school happens over time and offers the luxury to read, ponder, discuss and contemplate sample cases presented and practice using therapeutic methods and techniques with peers in and outside of class.

Now you are ready to apply that knowledge to the real world of direct mental health care with clients. There are no more luxuries (like time) to thoroughly prapare for varying client presentations, issues, symptoms and family dynamics thatcome with clients into your office.

Instead, actual clients with real-world problems are asking for your expert help and guidance, and they want it now!  You've prepared -- now you're expected to perform. High quality, regular, effective clinical supervision helps you give clients what they want and need.

My name is Tammie D. Martin, M.Ed., LPC-S, and I am the founder and clinical director of South Austin Counseling Services(SACS). SACS is conveniently located between the University of Texas, St. Edward's University, and Texas State University. I provide clinical supervision to highly-motivated LPC Interns who yearn to expand their current therapeutic knowledge and skills.  I offer both individual and group supervision to a limited number of interns so I am able to give quality guidance, oversight and mentoring to individuals who truly desire to be superior clinicians.

If you are a passionate new professional desiring to start your career under careful, cautious and expert clinical supervision, please contact the office @ 512.280.5315 or email a letter of interest and/or resume to [email protected] for further information.

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