Divorce Counseling

Divorce involves many losses. The loss of a partner, wholeness of a family, and parts of oneself are just some of the most notable changes experienced in this difficult time. The circumstances vary from each individual experience, but your need to mend your heart, rebuild trust, and continue with your goals in life are important to beginning the next chapter in life.

You are the expert in your life; no one else has ever had the same experiences, or perception during this moment of life change. There are a lot of life adjustments that are made after a divorce. A professional counselor can help you work through changes large and small. Life for everyone involved is very different before, during and after a divorce. You may handle the big transitions with ease but struggle with adjusting to living alone or having to take on a roommate. Many people find themselves left with unexpected feeling of loss after divorce, even if the divorce was wanted. You may find everything in your life feels more complicated, right down to making dinner for one, or for one less person. If there are children involved, co-parenting effectively may be your biggest concern.

When a divorce happens, everyone involved goes through transitions -- some changes are welcome, and some are, well, not so much.

On the other hand, this can be a time to reinvent oneself and find new strengths, interests, aptitudes and passions. With the help of one of our professionals, you can rebuild a new and very possibly better life after experiencing a divorce. You will never know until you try!

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