Wellness Matters Webinars

                    Wellness Matters Webinars are a free speaker series bringing mental health and wellness topics to the community                                            by licensed clinicians at South Austin Counseling Services.  All upcoming events will be held via webinar using Zoom.                          Once you register, we will send you a link to view the webinar at the scheduled time.

                                             *Recent events can still be accessed by clicking on the name of the event below.

                                                                                                     Parenting in a Pandemic

As a whole, people are struggling to adjust to the constant changes that living through a pandemic brings. Parents, in particular, are finding themselves having to juggle their own stress, the stress of their children and the stress of the brand new roles they have taken on. If being a parent wasn’t already challenging enough, parents are now putting on the hats of teacher, counselor, personal chef and bad-news bearer. In between these costume changes, we’re wondering how are parents coping in the pandemic?

While there are many responsibilities that parents are having to shift their focus towards, we want to provide options that may help them manage their health and relieve some of the stress they are experiencing. This webinar is designed to bring helpful information and tips on managing stress and anxiety while attending to the new parenting challenges brought on by the pandemic. 


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