Filial Therapy

Child Parent Relationship Training (CPRT)

Filial Therapy

What is Filial Therapy?

Filial therapy is an extension of play therapy that invites the caregivers to act as the primary agents of change. Filial therapy may be an important adjunct service to your child’s play therapy, or it may be the primary approach to treatment. Under the supervision of the counselor, the caregiver(s) will be taught specific play therapy techniques and will practice these new skills during weekly “special playtimes” held either on-site or at home. Sessions will focus on reviewing successes and challenges that occurred during these “special playtimes” and learning new ways to enhance the sense of positive connection between parent and child.

How Does Filial Therapy Work?

Similarly to play therapy, filial therapy allows children to use the language of play to explore their internal experiences. Filial therapy offers the unique advantage of strengthening the child-parent interaction while creating a safe place for self-exploration. This approach can assist your child in developing or maintaining a secure attachment style through the attunement and emotional connection that are central to this relationship-based intervention.

How Can Filial Therapy Help?

Filial therapy can offer many benefits for both you and your child, including:

    • Enhanced emotional awareness
    • Improvement in empathy & understanding within the parent - child relationship
    • Increased confidence (for both you and your child)
    • Strengthened executive functioning skills through decision making opportunities for your child
    • Improvement in your child's ability to regulate him or herself and comply with limits
    • Stress reduction for both you and your child

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