Play Therapy

Children are amazingly complex! They have feelings, both good and bad, that they are unable to address verbally. It is critical to choose a therapist who is skilled in interacting with children at the child's level. Children are not miniature adults, and counselors must adjust any counseling intervention to the child's current level of development. When counseling a child, it is imperative that the therapist approach each child holistically by assessing the child's thoughts, observable behavior, family systems and social/peer systems.

Our play therapists work with children from a "child-centered" perspective which requires that they address the developmental needs of each child with whom they have the privilege of working. This "child-centered" focus also takes into consideration the way play behavior changes over the course of a child's development and the way play behaviors change when a child is struggling with difficult issues.


                                                               Please click on the link below for further information on play therapy! 

                                                                                                           How your child can benefit from play therapy

                                               If you are considering counseling for your child, please call South Austin Counseling Services, PC,                                                                    to schedule a time to discuss your concerns and the role professional counseling may have in your child's life.

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