Relationship Struggles? Counseling Can Help!

The following are symptoms of relationship problems associated with a greatly increased probability of breakup or divorce:

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Repetition of arguments and past hurts
  • Escalation of fights or an inability to solve conflict
  • Resentment or sarcasm replacing patience and kindness
  • Trust issues or loss
  • Reduced sexual activity and desire
  • Active or history of physical or emotional affairs
  • Differing opinions of what is needed out of the relationship or where it’s headed

If Your Relationship is Showing One or More of the Signs listed above, Be Sure to Take Some Action Soon to Improve Your Situation and Get Back on Track!

The main problem for most couples is that they lack the skills necessary to support a long-term, mutually-satisfying relationship.

The good news? An effective couple’s counselor can help motivated couples develop the skills necessary to reconnect, recommit and thrive again.

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