Women's Counseling

Women and men frequently struggle with similar issues surrounding relationships, depression, anxiety, and discovering who they want to be in the world. However, many women undergo the additional pressure of perfectionism, indecision, multi-tasking, and pleasing others before themselves…all with grace and a smile. Our therapists work with women to empower them throughout the process of discovering what is important to them and how to live their lives congruently with those values. In regards to relationships with family, friends, or intimate partners, women often struggle with the balance between giving their all to those they love and getting what they need as well. In women’s counseling, we focus on teaching assertiveness skills with an emphasis on self-care. Many women (and much of society) believe that it is “selfish” for women to get their needs met first. However, our therapists challenge this belief because if women are not getting what they need, they are running on empty, which does not leave much for them to give to their family and partner.

South Austin Counseling Services provides engaging, hands-on exercises in session to introduce self-compassion, assertiveness, and mindfulness skills, because like anything else in life, it helps to practice new skills in a safe environment before trying them in the real world. We also give women space to explore their true desires for their lives, while examining the barriers that arise that may be holding them back from having the lives they want. With our therapists' gentle direction, humor, and collaboration, women are able to accept themselves in a beautiful new way. If you, or a woman in your life, are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, contact South Austin Counseling Services to set up an appointment today.

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